Friday, January 30, 2009

Facing the Giants

This video shows that you never know how far you will go until you push yourself to the limit.

Dare to dream people! You can reach your goals if you only push yourself to your limit. Dr. King did and started the ball rolling for all of us, Obama did, and he became the first African-American President, fulfilling an important part of that very same dream!

2009 is mine!!! Will it be yours?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Recession-Proof Your Income with the Free Online Cash System!!!

This is my first attempt at making a promotional video, with the training I've gotten at the Free Online Cash System. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reading the "Secret Law of Attraction"" PDF

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Doing a little MyLotting before I finish my freelance articles.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post for the 2008 year: 2009 is Mine!!!

Thought I would poke my head it while its still 2008. There's talk about resolutions, and while 9 out of ten people are talking about losing weight, my slender frame allows me to make other resolutions. So I am making them about my business.

Those of you that read all the way back to the beginning of this blog will know that I started this to document my journey from rags to riches. I'm still at the rags part after 6 years of searching, but things have changed for me drastically in the past year.

I have learned many opportunities out there that work, and I have learned many marketing techniques over the course of 2008. So why haven't I reached riches yet? Simple, I haven't fulfilled my promise of sharing it with the world.

So my resolutions are to create a step-by step marketing plan for me to follow, and to share as much information as I can with as many people as I can. Once I can get this down to a schedule, I will document for the next year how I create income, balance home life with the kids, and finally get out of my grandmothers house!!!

If you would like to follow my journey, sign up to this blog feed. Remember this still comes with an unabridged copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill with the workbook as my thank you for supporting me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lesson 1: Just Starting Out? Why You Still May Not Be Ready Just Yet…

You’ve finally chosen the right business for you. Now it’s time to tell the world about your opportunity. But pump your brakes just a second, there’s one thing you need before you start that long road of advertising and marketing that business

Do you have a Lead Capture Page?
A certain way to a slow painful death is advertising your affiliate page. The problem with doing that is most companies don’t do a good job of presenting what they have to offer. It’s not that they can’t; that’s the reason they recruit people like you and I. We sell/recruit the product or service they supply.

Also, it’s been proven that a person has to see a product/service 7-12 times on average before they take action on that site. If you’re promoting the same affiliate page that every other member in your organization has, your chances of getting a sale/signup are pretty slim.

That’s why a lead capture page is a major key in online promotion. A lead capture page shows a few highlights about your product/service, and then offers more information about it in exchange for their name and e-mail address. People that enter their information become your leads; people that have expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

The Key to Lead Capture Pages
The best way to make a lead your consumer is to continually impress the lead with your opportunity. This is a difficult balance to achieve manually. Too much impression, the lead will get irritated and ignore you; too little, and it’s like you never existed.

This is where the Autoresponder come in to play. The form that a person fills out on your lead capture page is taken by the autoresponder, causing two things to happen:

  1. 1. The lead’s information is stored and/or sent to you as an alert
  2. 2. The lead is sent the information they requested.

Now the lead reads the information sent from the auto-responder, and they follow the link to sign-up/make a purchase from your site right? Nope!!! You may get a few that do that, but I wouldn’t count on it. As I said before, it takes anywhere from 7-12 exposures to your opportunity before most people will commit to an action.

The autoresponder helps you here by sending further messages about your opportunity on a schedule to each individual. You fill in the messages, you set the schedule ( the best rate to send your messages is one a week, for about two months). You can also send them broadcast messages, random e-mails about particular products/services that are related to your opportunity, from time to time.

Putting It All Together
Now that you know what you need and how it works, its time to put it all together. The first thing you will need is to create a page. That can be done using a website editor. If you aren’t familiar with html, you may want to get what is called a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor. This makes things as easy as point and click. One of the best ones I’ve seen is Blue Voda . This software is spyware free, includes several templates for websites, and can give you a complete website in under thirty minutes.

With this, you want to create a site that touches on the highlights of your opportunity, and requests the viewer to sign up for more information about your product, giving you the right to e-mail them without it being considered spam.

Next, you will need an autoresponder. I will advise everyone that the best way to go is a paid autoresponder service. Most free services either advertise other opportunities along with your messages, or have deliverability issues. However, since this is a course on free resources to promote your business, I will give you one service that has minimal advertising, and great deliverability; A1eBiz. Once you go to this site and set it up, it will give you a code that you will copy and paste to your website. This will give you the form that people will fill their information in so you can e-mail them.

If you are having a tough time thinking of what to put in the follow up e-mails to your subscribers, a site that may help is InterSend. They have an e-book with several killer e-mails that you can tailor to your needs.

Now, you are ready to put your site on the internet. But there are two things that you need before you do that; a domain name, and hosting. There are plenty of services out there you can pay for, but little known are the free services.

First we will start with the hosting. Again, this is a service that you will want to purchase later when you are making some money, because with free hosting you have to adhere to the rules that the service puts forth, else your site will not be published through them. One of the best free hosting services I have ran across is Runhosting. Although they have rules in what you can and cannot upload as a site, they are the most lenient that I have seen to date.

Next, you will need a domain name. You want to pick something that is short, easy to remember, and says something about your site. A lot of sites will say that they have free domains, but the catch is that you will have to qualify for it by joining a service or purchase hosting. In the interest of the word free, I will direct you to a service that you can sign up for a free domain with no catches. Its called You can register a domain with this extension for your website, and forward it to your website (you can find how to do that in your backoffice at runhosting.)

Finally, and now that you have a domain, you need some sort of tracking. Its important to know where the bulk of your traffic is coming from, so that you don’t waste your efforts promoting where it doesn’t work for you. Most services I’ve seen on the internet not only want you to pay, but they track through cloaking your url, meaning its stealing your page ranking. The best service I’ve seen that bypasses both problems is Stat Counter. This site allows you to create a small code to put on your website that tracks every hit to it.

After all this work, you are finally ready to promote your opportunity. Stay tuned for the next installment where we will begin to promote your website using classified ad sites. Regardless of what the gurus tell you, these sites do work, and I will tell you why!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Next Level

Being with the Free Online Cash System has taught me many things. Above all else it has taught me that when you are advertising and marketing a business, the best ways to do it are FREE!!! That's right, all these people telling you to spend money on advertising are dead wrong... at least the ones that are telling this to newbies on the internet.

There are several ways to drive loads of highly targeted traffic to your business when you are first starting out. Better still, is when you do make some money and decide to use paid advertising techniques, they will work all the better because of the legwork you did beforehand.

Most people will tell you that free advertising is a waste of time. But if done correctly, you can get more leads than you can handle! And that is why I am posting today.

From now on, not only will I post about my business, the Free Online Cash System, and what I am doing with that, but I will become a mentor for free advertising and marketing techniques that anyone can use. Each week I will post an article about one technique that I am currently using; explaining how it works and what benefit you will get from doing it, and showing the steps necessary to use that technique to the best of your ability. Starting Monday of next week, you will be able to view these techniques and put them to good use.

So subscribe to my blog so you can be updated each time I post a new free advertising technique. In addition to that, you will get the "Think and Grow Rich" unabridged e-book and accompanying workbook at no cost. There is nothing standing in between you and success, except your own fear.

What you have all been waiting for... 90 days to success, Free Online Cash System

I finally found the program that I have been looking for, and I am going to share it with each and every person that reads this blog. Let me give you all a brief background first.

I have been searching online for a program to earn a living with online for about the last four years. Before now, all the programs I encountered could be filed into two categories: Free to join, but very little returns, nowhere near enough a livable income. Or the projected income was good, but there was a high start-up fee way out of my budget.

Then there was the third problem. There were a couple of times where I did save up money to buy into these high ticket programs. I know a few of you can relate to this. The sponsor I was signing up under courted me very well, sold me the dream of how once I got into the program I would make money hand over fist, and they would lead me to it. But once I put my money down, the sponsor disappeared into the wind. I had no idea how to promote these programs, and the sponsor only cared about getting my money, so once he did that, he was gone and so was the money.

In January, I heard of a program that had all that I needed. Its called the Free Online Cash System. It takes the concept of Project Payday (Get Paid to Try) one step further. It shows you how to complete one site, and get paid repeated $150-$1000 payments over and over, with no out-of-pocket cost to start. After being burned so many times, I was skeptical of the programs truthfulness, so instead of joining right away, I watched the person who brought it up post about it in MyLot.

It seemed like every week this person was posting about how many payments he had gotten, complete with proof. It took me until the beginning of May to finally say I've had enough, and join under that person (Oliver) to get some of this money for myself.

I was invited to a workshop conference call, where they explained everything about the system and what I had to do to qualify, before I even joined. They didn't hype me up, and tell me how much I could make. In short, there was no selling involved, only a clear explanation of how everything works. I loved that because I was given the chance to make an intelligent decision for myself. I was directed to training materials that I could use for the system, and my sponsor, Oliver, said he would be there for me every step of the way, and even gave me his home phone number. Also, in the case that he wasn't available, I was also given the numbers to the founders of the program, whom I could call for help in his absence.

Since I was taking my time and learning the system, it took me about a month to get through the qualification process. In June I received my first check from the FOCS. (I would have proof to show you, but I was so hard up for money at the time, I cashed the check before scanning it ^_^*) I took a job shortly after this, which took me away from the computer. After realizing this job wasn't for me, I came back to the FOCS to promote, and tell others of the wonderful program I found.

In all the training, I was told that it would take only 90 days to realize success in this program, so that is what I am doing here. When you are searching for a program to join, one thing you very seldom find is a day by day account of someone achieving success in it. I plan to show everyone my progress in this program, along with what I am doing to promote it, on this blog. Since working with this system full time, I have realized one payment last month so I know it's real!!! I toyed around with this program the first 90 days, now plan to show you, day by day, the next 90 days so I can P.R.O.V.E. two things. One, this system actually works, and two, that anyone can earn an online income if only they have the determination to do so!!!

If you would like to know more about the Free Online Cash System (FOCS), click on the link below. I hope to see all of you here to watch me P.R.O.V.E. with this program that a full time income can be earned, and that the FOCS does truly work!!! See you at the top!

Free Online Cash System

Evaluating a Network/Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

In the forums I frequent I find that the most common question that is asked by beginners in internet marketing is "What business should I start?" That question is so simple, yet so complex to answer. In reality, no one can tell a person which is the best business to start. However, I have come up with a step-by-step plan outlining what a newbie should look for when entertaining the idea of starting an online business. Enjoy!

We get tons of the offers in our e-mail everyday, we may even poke around a website or two, with piqued interest. A few of us have even tried a couple. Yes, there are many opportunities to make money online; unfortunately, there are just as many scams waiting to take what little hard-earned money you have.

How do you determine the legitimate opportunities from the “get-rich quick” scams? Through trial and error, I have devised a sort of “litmus test” to hold all opportunities against to see if it’s real or a dream. Just follow this checklist, and you will be better informed of making a decision on whether you should join an opportunity or not.

First Focus: The Product/Service

This is an absolute must have in affiliate marketing. The organization should have product(s) or service(s) to sell, and it should recruit affiliates to help them in running that business. It is best to avoid organizations that have the recruitment of affiliates as their main business. Their affiliate structure is like a house of cards, waiting to crumble at the slightest negative impact, taking your money along with it.

Would you use the product/service yourself? This question is important for a number of reasons. It’s hard to get excited about a product/service if you know nothing about it. People prefer to purchase from knowledgeable sources. Finally, if you don’t see a need fro the product, it will be hard for you to connect with people that could, limiting your personal market.

Is there a market for the product/service? Who exactly would buy it? Is there a demand? Where does the demand fall on the Bell curve? The bell curve, a symmetrical curve for illustrating where a product/service lands in the sales process, slowly rises for new products, reaches a curved plateau, then spirals down, sometimes fast, sometimes at the same grade of its rise, depending on the product/service and economic market conditions. How long has the product/service been in the marketplace? Is it new, old, or overexposed?

The last thing to consider about a product/service is its pricing. Can the buying market afford the price? Where does your price stand with competitors? If your price is higher, is there value there to justify the difference? Value in the eyes of the buyer, not yours/ what is different, unique, and important enough for the buyer to purchase from you that you can’t get somewhere else for less?

Second Focus: Company Stability

Now that you have evaluated the product/service for marketability, its time to take a good look at the company the product represents. The more information you can find on a company from various resources, the more likely you have a legitimate opportunity.

The first bit of information needed is how long has the company been in business. The organization should have a proven track record of operating their programs for several years successfully. If the company doesn’t have at least a three year track record of success, they should, at least have been started by a person who is well-known in their field with good creditability. Otherwise the company has no foundation to build on. It is still in a learning phase, and you will be a guinea pig in their experimentation.

Another way to check out a company’s stability is what organizations the company is endorsed by. The first place to check is the Better Business Bureau. Although many legitimate opportunities are not listed with the BBB, if the opportunity you are researching is, it a step in the right direction. Other affiliations may be listed on the organization’s website. Click on their links and see what exactly they say about the company they are endorsing.

Most opportunities I’ve seen have testimonials from people who say they’ve tried this opportunity, and it works. The true question here is, are these testimonials verifiable? Are you given contact information (e-mail, phone number, Instant Messenger information, etc.) where you can quickly get in touch with the person who wrote the testimonial? Don’t hesitate to contact any information source in the organization you are evaluating. It is in the company’s best interest to answer all your questions quickly and thoroughly. Caution though, the original person you contacted should be the one to contact you with an answer to your question, or at least an acknowledgment before sending you to the proper source. If not, that truly gives you your answer. No response whatsoever? Drop the opportunity and move on to another.

Finally, get some feedback from independent resources. Search Engines are one of the sources which can be uses for this purpose. Simply type in the name of the organization + forums. You will be presented with several websites, forums, and blogs dedicated to objectively reviewing network/affiliate marketing opportunities.

Final Focus: Payment & Affiliate Structure

You should have a good feeling about the company, and have all your questions sufficiently answered to this point. If not, find a different opportunity and start over. The one you have probably is a scam, or just isn’t for you. But if you have, now is the time to see if you and the company are a good fit. Do you see yourself doing what it takes to succeed with this opportunity?

First, you should find out what is required of you to succeed in this opportunity. How much are the start-up fees? What tools and services are included with sign-up? What kind, and how much effort is required to perform a commissionable action? These questions give you a clear picture of what you will be required to do in order to succeed with this company. If you can’t picture yourself doing what it takes, move on to another opportunity.

Next, find out how you get paid. How much is each commissionable action worth? How long does it take to process a commissionable action? What forms of payment are available? How often are payments sent out? Is each commissionable action a one-time sale, or are there residual opportunities? Is the effort individual, or leveraged? (Leveraged meaning you get a part of your down line's sales as well) If it’s leveraged, how big a percent are you entitled to?

Once you make sure you understand the payment structure, you should determine if it is feasible to you. The website will always portray the best case scenario when listing potential earnings. Find out what you can expect to earn realistically by using this simple formula:

How many sales (S) will it take to equal your desired income (I), and how long (T) will it take to generate that number of sales

S * T= I

Make sure this is a reasonable number and time frame for you. You should also calculate how many sales it will take for you to break even on your investment. If any of these numbers look unrealistic, keep moving.

Next, you should research what types of support are available. It is in the interest of the organization to help their affiliate to succeed. The organization has been in business for a considerably longer time than the affiliate, are more knowledgeable about their market, and about the ways of promoting their product. It is marketing suicide not to have a good support system, because it leads to a high attrition rate if new sign-ups are not guided in the right direction to making money.

See what types of support is given by your opportunity of interest. Many companies offer support in the forms of live trainings, tutorials, articles, books, marketing plans, marketing tools, forums, websites, and personal, one-on-one guidance from your recruiter. The more avenues of training an organization has, the better.

If you find a company that stands up great against this checklist, then you may have a great opportunity in your hands. The only thing left to remember is persistence. Even if you have a great opportunity, you have to give it a chance to grow. You have to give your best effort of marketing the program over a specified period of time. Usually, with Network/Affiliate marketing, 90 days is a reasonable amount of time to give effort to an opportunity. If you don’t see results by then, then the program may be a dud, or not for you.

I hope this helps everyone get a good start in earning money online!!!

Stay tuned for the next post, where I will finally reveal the opportunity that have driven me to help others in their online money making journey, an opportunity that meets all the requirements listed here, the Free Online Cash System!!!

Online Earning: Put the Odds In your favor

This is an article I wrote a couple of weeks ago after re-reading the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. That book has been very helpful to me in my internet ventures, and I believe this article will be of some help to everyone that reads it and takes it to heart. Read on to the bottom to see how you can get your free copy of this book too!

Ninety-three out of every one-hundred people who make the choice to earn money from the internet fail. That’s right, for all their efforts ninety three people never get to see one thin dime.

What makes these seven people so different from the rest of the herd? Do they have more money? Better friends? Are they just smarter than everyone else?

None of these things matter when it comes to earning online. The one thing they do have is absolutely free, yet priceless if you are looking to earn money, in any venture imaginable. It’s called Definiteness of Purpose.

Through Definiteness of Purpose, these rare seven have figured out what their chief aim of the internet is. They have a clear, exact mental image of what it is they want to achieve before they even begin.

With Definiteness of Purpose, no longer are you aimlessly looking to be sold on the next gimmick that comes along. Having a picture of what you want to do will narrow your vision to only the true opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.

To develop Definiteness of Purpose is simple. Before you begin or continue your search, ask yourself these four questions, and answer them honestly

1) What do you see yourself doing/ what are you good at/ what are you interested in? This is the most important question of the four. It is imperative that the position you choose be interesting and exciting, so that you stay excited and interested! There is something for everyone on the internet, but if you go blindly picking a venture, chances are good that you won’t be interested in it, a sure path to failure.

2) How much are you willing to invest? Not every internet opportunity will cost you money; however it is best to have a number in mind should your choices take you down that road. The second biggest reason people fail is they take on ventures outside of their budget range, so be realistic with this number

3) How much time are you willing to invest/Are you looking for short term returns or a long term residual income? This question deals with time in two aspects. First, how much time per week are you willing to dedicate to an on line venture? It makes sense to choose an opportunity that you know you have the time for, and are willing to dedicate the time to as well. Second, how long are you willing to wait to see a return on your efforts? If you choose a contract position, you can see returns as soon as that particular pay cycle completes, although you can expect no more than an hourly wage at a traditional job would bring. On the other hand, with affiliate marketing, it may be a while before you see a regular income; however, if chosen and marketed correctly, affiliate marketing can earn a pretty handsome residual income down the road.

4) How much do you expect to earn? This question brings all the information you’ve discovered about yourself in the last three questions together. How much do you believe the time you are wiling to dedicate, the amount of money you are willing to invest (if any), and the service you have chosen to render are worth? Don’t sell yourself short, but also, be realistic.

The internet can be a confusing jungle if you have no idea of what you want. We are all bombarded with many “opportunities to make money" everyday, and if you don’t have any idea of what you want to do, you are setting yourself up to become a “Lead”, just another buyer of the next so-called big thing. Having Definiteness of Purpose will help you navigate through all the marketing mess, to the best opportunity for you.

I believe that no one should be without the book "Think and Grow Rich." It is the bible for getting the right mindset to go into business for yourself, whether it be online or a brick and mortar business. That's why I'm giving everyone who subscribes to my blog a free copy of the e-book, including the workbook that goes along with it!!! Sign up now so you won't be lost among everyone else. You do want to be part of the seven, right?

Also, if you have answered the questions above, and still need some guidance in finding the right business for you, or how to jump start your existing business, I teach a free e-course on the most simple plan to make you money. Just go to Free Online Cash System and read more. Sign up at the bottom and I will be in touch with you shortly!!!

Stay tuned for the next post where I will show you how to evaluate any business opportunity to make sure it's the right one for you!!!

From Humble Beginnings...

My story isn't all that different from anyone else's. I'm a single mother of two young children. My son, age seven, and my daughter, who is four going on forty (smile). I moved in with my Grandmother after my children's father left us in 2006, and will stay here until I can get back on my feet.

And therein lies the problem. Don't get me wrong, I have been trying to find a stable workplace. I have gone through a few traditional jobs since I've been here, but always ended up having to quit because of one major issue; childcare. My son, although a wonderful child, has some small behavioral issues, which seem to deter some providers. This confines me to only working during school hours. Then there's the issue of my not knowing how to drive, which further limits me to providers that do transportation, and employment that's on the busline. Factor in employers that don't like to fill out the paperwork necessary for childcare vouchers, and you can see why I am still stuck here at home!

I've been looking at online opportunities for years now, but I've gotten serious about it a couple of months ago. My goal is to earn a more than substantial income form the internet, thereby eliminating the need for childcare altogether. I also want to earn enough to not just get me back on my feet, but to help my family as well. Since my Great-Great Grandmother died back in 1996, there is no go-to person in the family. Everyone is struggling, whether they are working or not. When a catastrophe happens, either we all pull together and get it squared away by the skin of our collective teeth, or it just falls to the wayside. I want to be that person that the family comes to when finances are amiss, and I know I cannot do that in a regular 9-5 job.

Right now I am working an opportunity that has changed my whole outlook on Home Business and Internet Marketing. I will go more into that opportunity in later posts; but I want to say right now that this opportunity has really opened my eyes. It makes me want to be a beacon for people like me in the Internet Marketing world. This opportunity allows me to help anyone looking to make money on the internet, and I will use this blog to help everyone, not just people that want to join my business, but anyone struggling to market their business online!!! I will P.R.O.V.E. it can be done!!!

Stay tuned for my next post. I will explain what you will need to get started in online business before you even turn on a computer!!!